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Raffle Baskets

Welcome to Standing Togethers' Virtual Online Raffle Basket Drawing!!

Drawing ENDS April 11  at 3pm!

Winners Announced April 11  at 5pm!

$1.00 donation = 1 ticket.

$5.00 donation = 7 tickets.

$10.00 donation = 15 tickets.

Basket descriptions can be found below each photo.

Good luck to everyone and stay safe! 


  • To Enter, send your donation to "STARSincWNY@gmail.com" on Paypal.com (Or click the 'get tickets here' button at the bottom)

  • Leave a note with your NAME, The email address you would like us to contact you at, the amount of tickets you have chosen along which Baskets you would like to put them in. Divide your tickets, along with your chances up or go all in; the choice is yours!

  • If you DO NOT leave a note, you have 24 hours to contact us to let us know your donation is for the raffle basket drawing and which baskets you would like to put your tickets in. Otherwise, it will be considered a donation towards the rescue.

  • Each basket is named and numbered, please include in the note section of your donation of how many tickets you would like to put in what basket(s). Please be as detailed as you can.

  • Participants must be 21+ to enter for the wine basket (Will be I.D at pick up.)

  • Stay Safe and Have fun!

(#1) Cat basket

  • Cat wand.

  • Laser pointer.

  • Cat tunnel.

  • Cat nail trimmers.

  • 4x packs of variety cat toys.

  • 2x cans of Friskies wet food.

(#2) Dog Basket

  • Fire Hydrant fleece blanket.

  • Big red Duel Dog Bowl.

  • PureBites Freeze Dried Treats.

  • 2x Vitakraft Bar-B-Chews Dog treats.

  • 2x Vitakraft Meaty Morsels Dog treats.

  • 2x Roscoe Pressed Bones.

  • 2x Beneful Prepared Meals.

(#3) Movie Basket

  • Large popcorn container.

  • Junior Mints.

  • Life Savers Gummies.

  • Skittles.

  • Box of popcorn.

  • Russel Stover Assorted Chocolates.

  • 4x small popcorn containers.

  • 4x pack of Cheez-its.

  • 3 pack of Cracker Jacks.

(#4) Advanced Auto Basket

  • Deep Crystal Car Wash.

  • AutoCraft Mircofiber Towels 3 pack.

  • AutoCraft Bone Sponge.

  • Black Magic Tire Wet.

  • Bucket.

  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner.

  • Armor All Protectant.

(#5) Dog Basket.

  • Large Rawhide Bone.

  • Box of Milk-Bones.

  • 2020-16 month Dog calendar.

  • Good and Fun Triple Flavor Twists.

  • 2x Natural Pig Ears.

  • Pet Grooming Clipper Kit

(#6) Kids Basket.

  • Mountain Puppy Rescue Lego kit.

  • 3 pack of Bubbles.

  • Spider-Man stained glass kit

  • Jurassic world stained glass kit.

  • 2 Crayola bathtub finger paint soaps.

  • Sidewalk Chalk.

  • Avengers bubbles.

  • Art Apron.

  • Lollipop sucker.

(#7) Kids Basket.

Royal Kittens magnetic playset.
Sidewalk chalk.
Minnie Mouse Bubbles.
Lollipop sucker.
No Drama Llama Candle.
Frozen stained glass kit.
My Little pony stained glass kit.
Ice cream cake Notebook.
Sweet Princess Tea party set.

(#8) Home Sweet Home Basket.

Dog Salt and Pepper Shakers
2x truffle candies Sticks
Truffle Candy Balls
"I'm only talking to my dog today" Mug with spoon.

(#9) Kitten Starter Kit Basket

  • Kitty Starter Kit

  • Hartz Just for cats variety pack of 13 toys.

  • Hartz Just for cats 8 pack of toys.

  • Multi pet cat toy.

  • 2020-16 month Cat Calendar.

  • Crazy Cat Circle Toy.

  • 6 pack of Cat toys. 

  • 2x cat feather wands.

(#10) Wine Basket.

  • Lindeman's Bin 90 Fruity Moscato Wine.

  • 2x Dark Chocolate Raspberry filled candy bars.

  • 2x Glitter Pink "Love" Wine Glasses.

(#11) Bark Box Basket.

  • 2x Mix & Match Play Flossy Toys .

  • Plato Pet Treats Thinkers Duck Recipe.

  • Bark Franken Snacks Bacon Blackberry Dog Cookies

  • Bark Franken Snacks Dog Blueberry Duck Recipe with Blueberry.

(#12) Cat food/Treat Basket.

Purina ONE® Indoor Advantage Dry Cat Food
2x Friskies Treats Original Crunch.
2x Friskies Treats Seafood Lovers Crunch.
2x Friskies Treats Cheezy Crazy Crunch.
2x Friskies Treats Treasure Crunch.

(#13) Dog treat Basket.

10lb box of Milk Bones.
2x PureBites Beef Liver Treats.
2x PureBites Lamb Liver Treats.
2x PureBites Chicken Breast Treats.
2x PureBites Salmon Treats.

(#14)TCB gift card Basket.

  • A $25 dollar value gift card to Tacos Community & Beer.

(#15) Tattoo Gift Card Basket

  • $50 dollar value gift card to Sink or Swim Tattoo Parlor.

(#16) Wax Melt Basket

  • Turtles.

  • Pigs playing in mud.

  • Rubber ducky in the tub.

  • Elephant, lion and monkey.

  • Paw prints.

  • Dog poop.

  • Bag of frogs.

  • Bag of bones.

  • Puppy dog.